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Capital Tower Značajke

Poslovni prostori

We offer offices and storage space for lease in a 16-storey building in the most attractive location in Sarajevo.


The garage has 150 parking lots on two levels and is connected by central elevators to the main building and the freight elevator with loading capacity of up to 1300 kg.


We offer you to advertise your business inside and outside the building. Soon, we will also offer advertising services on the video display linked to the internal advertising space of the entire facility.

Ključ u ruke

You'll get keys ready offices to perform your business right.

16 spratova

Tower has 16 modern floors with the best - with the best offer compared to the competition.


Our reception is always here for you and can provide you all information and instructions you need.

Moderna infrastruktura

Modern construction, luxurious design, built only the highest quality and most expensive parts.


Security is one of our best advantage. The entire building is supplied by one of the best companies in the world of security - "Securitas".

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